Chicken Tikka Masala

I was craving Indian food recently and since there are nearly no options for good Indian in South Beach I decided to cook something up myself. Chicken Tikka Masala seemed like a good starter recipe. Simple ingredients you can find at a local supermarket and preparing the sauce a day early definitely helped.

I went with a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen since for me, they are always fail proof. Flavors were great and I think the only adjustment I would make is to turn up the heat, but that’s just my preference.

Recipe c/o America's Test Kitchen

Recipe c/o America's Test Kitchen

Restauraudit: Wok Town

Decided to try Wok Town, a noodle bar near Lincoln road, after a movie the other night. Service is quick and the food is served hot. Good flavors but nothing to write home about. They do deliver so I may be hitting them up again, the salads looked quite appetizing so next time I’ll likely try one of those. My husband and I ordered the following:

Chicken lettuce wraps – a little different from what I was expecting, it was more of a ground meat concoction

Crispy brussels sprouts – these were very fried so much so that they weren’t green anymore. quite tasty but I wouldn’t call this a healthy side

Gyoza – we ordered the steam pork gyoza, lacked some flavor in the meat filling

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.12.08 AM

Recipe Weekend Wrap-up

I spent a lot of time in my condo this weekend which always means there is a lot of cooking (and therefore cleaning). My most surprising number was the stuffed peppers w/ gruyere and salami – very simple and fun!

Friday I went to a neighbors BBQ in which I volunteered to bring (1) Roasted Fennel and Cannelini Bean Dip and (2) Rhubarb Crumb bars. I failed to get a picture of the dip since it disappeared rather quickly and Fresh Market surprisingly didn’t have rhubarb so I substituted with strawberries and yellow raspberries.

Berry Crumb Bars IMG_3517

Saturday morning I made my favorite new muffin recipe. They’re hearty and gluten-free!


Also indulged in my favorite vegetable juice

Beet Carrot Apple Celery Ginger Juice

Lastly, had a few friends over for the heat game Saturday night and threw these together.


Naughty naughty


Miami Spice: Symcha’s Review

Like New York’s Restaurant Week, Miami has a similar promotion called Miami Spice, which is actually the whole month of August. It gives us food lovers a great opportunity to get fancied up and treat ourselves.

This past weekend a few of us decided to try Symcha’s. Pronounced Sim-kkchhkkka’s – you know, how a Jewish person would say it. Which is exactly who the owner is – Mr. Symcha, a kind attentive Jewish restauranteur from Venezuela.

Anywho, here is the rundown on the grub in a fancy slideshow.

Symcha’s Homepage

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Seafood Ceviche
Served on top of a Himalayan Salt Block – ok let’s get real, that block is definitely not from the Himalayas but I appreciate the creativity.

Zinfandel Braised Oxtail
Served with Butter Lettuce Wraps, Pickled Cabbage, and Celery Pepper Slaw. Very delicious, but left my hands covered in oxtail juice (wet nap please?)

Center Cut Beef Skirt Steak
Rustic Fingerling Smashed Potatoes, Sauteed Haricoverts, Thyme Demi Sauce
Tasty and I learned a new word – “Haricoverts” which is a type of green bean.

Pan Seared Florida Black Grouper
This was my dish. Had a beautiful Purple Potato Puree with Grilled Asparagus and a Leek Saffron Bisque Sauce

Death By Chocolate
Chocolate Brownie, Caramel, Dark & Milk Chocolate Oreo Fudge, Cardomon Whipped Cream and Toasted Coconut finished with a Minted Cream Sauce and Fresh Berries

The dessert is the money maker, you blow this you blow the whole meal. To me, a dessert called Death By Chocolate should have layers and layers of chocolate. And although it was a sweet morsel of goodness, I was in no way near death caused by chocolate.

My boyfriend had the Tiramisu which I can’t say much about because it was tasteless compared to my coconut-mint-oreo-death-explosion.